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Herman Uhde-Bernays

Weimar 1875 -
München 1965

Hermann Uhde-Bernays (also Hermann Hans Friedrich) was born on October 31, 1875, in Weimar. He attended the Wilhelms-Gymnasium in Munich. His stepfather awakened his interested in the works of Shakespeare. Having discovered a passion for literature and art, Hermann Uhde-Bernays took up studies in German literature and art history at the universities in Munich, Berlin, and Heidelberg. He finished his studies with a doctorate.
From 1901 until 1903, Hermann Uhde-Bernays received practical training as an assistent at the Germanic National Museum in Nuremberg. Subsequently, Uhde-Bernays spent the next two years on educational journeys.
He began working as a professional art historian in Munich in 1905. His monograph on Carl Spitzweg appeared in 1913. Hermann Uhde-Bernays was successfully named Imperial Bavarian Professor in 1914. He was forbidden to write from 1937 to 1945. Further publications followed, including "Der Mannheimer Shakespeare" in 1962.
He also edited the correspondence between Anselm Feuerbach and Winkelmann. Hermann Uhde-Bernays died in 1965.

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